6 things every man should know

6 things every man should know

Top nutritionists give their top do’s and don’ts for males when it comes to their “man hood.”


1. Men getting fruity can reduce risk of erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction can be one of the most distressing conditions a man can experience, but a new study* suggests eating more foods rich in flavonoids, such as blueberries and strawberries could be the answer!


“Exercising more and eating the right foods, such as berries can help to increase the blood flow, which can assist in combating against erectile dysfunction,” explains Elouise Bauskis – Naturopath, Nutritional Therapist & Herbalist at www.nutricentre.com.

2. Say no to drink

 “Alcohol reduces the body’s storage of the essential mineral zinc. Zinc is involved in hundreds of reactions in the body, so without it, it can reduce testosterone production and cause erectile dysfunction,” explains Elouise.


3. Hot under the boxers

Heat is among the top causes of reduced fertility in men. ‘Everyone thinks of not having hot baths or wearing tight underpants for men as it may affect sperm health. It’s production takes place at 32°C, which is lower than the body temperature at 37°C.  The testes are on the outside of a man’s body to keep them cooler. As they get closer to the body (e.g. by sitting for long periods when driving or cycling) the sperm heats up which may reduce the count.


However, a more surprising piece of research found that men using laptops on their laps was causing a problem with sperm health. In order to balance the laptop, men will often close their legs. This on its own (even without the laptop) raises the temperature of their genitals by up 2.1°C.  In conjunction with heat generated by laptop itself it causes a rise in temperature of up to 2.8°C. It might seem like not a lot, but a rise of just 1°C can decrease fertility by 40%!’ explains Dr Marilyn Glenville, the UK’s leading nutritionist (www.marilynglenville.com).

4. Lose those extra pounds

We all know that being overweight has a huge impact on our health. Unfortunately, it is also an excellent contraceptive. ‘Extra pounds affect sperm quality, decrease their ability to swim, reduce sperm count and increase damage to DNA. Men, who are overweight, suffer from hormonal imbalance, which causes lower sex drive.


So losing those extra pounds should be the first thing on your list!’ explains Shona Wilkinson, Head Nutritionist at www.nutricentre.com.

5. Make those boys swim faster

 Apart from being a powerful antioxidant CoQ10 helps to protect cells from free radical damage it is also necessary for energy production. ‘Studies have shown that it cannot only increase sperm health but also its motility in semen, making your little swimmers more energetic. Unfortunately, CoQ10 decline with age and is extremely difficult to obtain through the diet.

Ubiquinol 3d image

Go for Ubiquinol Qu10 by Quest Vitamins (www.revital.co.uk, £23.15).’ advises Sharon Morey, Nutritionist at Quest Vitamins.

6. De-stress

‘Stress can lower sperm count. To minimise stress, the recommendations are to eat a healthy diet which keeps blood sugar in balance, exercise regularly and get at least eight hours sleep a night. Yoga or meditation can also be helpful,” explains Marilyn.



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