Apple IWatch U.S LAUNCH
Apple IWatch U.S LAUNCH

Apple IWatch U.S LAUNCH

The future is in the flick of the wrist


After a six month wait, tonight at 5pm, GMT, Apple are to unveil their plans for the new Apple iwatch. Tim Cook the CEO of Apple Inc will take to the stage to announce the release date, price and full details of this newly anticipated wearable tech at an event in Cupertino, California and the event will be available to watch online at or it can be watched via Apple TV.





According to Apple, the watch will be available to buy here in April 2015 and is expected to range from about £250 for the least expensive model, up to (and possibly beyond) £7,000 for the most expensive model, which is made of a gold alloy which is “twice as hard” as standard gold and has a 38mm and 42mm Case of 18-Carat Rose Gold, a Sapphire Crystal Retina Display.

apple watch


But will you be rushing out to buy one?  and is this the future of modern communication? one thing is for sure, Apple have yet again invented a whole new sector of wearable luxury tech that incorporates email, phone, mp3, web and more, and while the thought leaders and pioneers in contemporary design have once again made a beautiful looking piece of design – But if that doesn’t float your boat, then it may be a wise investment, and to snap up a first version, all there is to do then is keep it boxed and forget about it for 20 years – and await its valuation on The Antiques Roadshow and yes these will one day be a collectors piece, and certainly a piece of history in the making.


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