C.P Company: New Season

C.P Company: New Season

Where Tradition and Performance Collide


The C.P. Company Fall/Winter 2016/17 collection is based on the intersecting of two distinct approaches to men’s clothing.

The first is that of tradition, The fabric selection, the use of tried and tested finishing techniques, or the choice of the type of garment itself, this should be understated and easy-to-wear.

The second approach is  performance in all its aspects, from waterproof taping, laser cutting and the importance of layering.


This recombining of tradition and performance is present throughout the collection, and is clearly seen in pieces like the T-MACK goggle jacket, the performance driven evolution of 50 Fili (the original C.P. Company fabric) into an all weather resistance nylon/microfiber blend (MICRO M), the importance given to layers both in Direct Down Injection and C.P. Shell jackets or the evolution of the now signature C.P. lyrca-bonded Shetland pieces, this season constructed with a bouclé yarn for a more aggressive final look.

This performance concept is present in the sweatshirts, with the introduction of paneled pockets, technical outer faces and 3-layer jerseys, as well as in the knitwear, where performance mid-layers are used together with traditional fully-fashioned elements. Performance fabric updates have also been applied to shirting and trousers.


The “under-the-bonnet” performance of traditional looking pieces will effect the way the collection is worn together: coats can be worn directly over t-shirt, a C.P. Shell parka worn with a Direct Down Injection vest will cover all temperature variations, and so on.


The overall message is simple: the classic silhouettes of functional menswear with the discrete integration of contemporary high-performance for a collection of understated, easy-to-wear pieces for those who understand and appreciate pure Italian sportswear but don’t need to shout about it.



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