The Five Minute Health Check

To Improve your Quality of Life

Improve your Quality of Life

6 things every man should know

Top nutritionists give their top do’s and don’ts for males when it comes to their “man hood.”

Top nutritionists give their top do’s and don’ts for Jan

A new protein shake that lowers cholesterol

If you are planing on working towards a toned beach body this summer, then this could be the product just for you. A protein shake that not only speeds-up the process and helps the recovery time of a workout, but will also reduce cholesterol. Forza Lipowhey is the world’s first protein shake that uses plant sterols.  Celebrated…

Puressentiel launch dynamic natural product

Breathe a breath of fresh air with this Purifying Air Spray

Europe’s top aromatherapy brand- Puressentiel ® was launched in the UK yesterday at The Orangery in Cavendish Square. The family run company already has an impressive following – selling one of its 100% natural, sustainably sourced products every two seconds worldwide. The launch coincides with UK Indoor Allergy Awareness Week to celebrate Puressentiel’s iconic product,…

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