Lamborghini Exercise Bike

Lamborghini Exercise Bike

Spining with serious attitude


Its not often that you go, Wow! look at that exercise bike! but I guess that this isn’t your normal exercise bike, it is however the mother of all exercise bikes, and introducing the Ciclotte, a super charged, sporty, gutsy and beautifully crafted cycling machine by ‘Tonino Lamborghini’, yes by the super car that brought us the infamous Gallardo, Diablo and Countach models to name just a few. This model was inspired by the same creative spirit, passion for design and technology that characterises the impeccable Tonino Lamborghini brand.


 In iconic hot red, this Italian hot blooded, testosterone filled machine personifies the pure style of the supercar that it emulates, represented by the authentic expression of the iconic ‘bull’ symbol, illustrious brand colours and shield.

The Ciclotte is available in its standard model, Steel Model or Marine model in a choice of colours. With a carbon and steel frame, carbon fibre adjustable handlebar, this definitive decorative centre piece for the home with a design of sleek precision and elegance giving it a standing place in any home, gym or space.

The state-of-the-art design that is reminiscent of a 19th century monocycle wheel, works exclusively through its distinctive central powerhouse. A concentrated magnetic field is generated using a copper ring which is rotated at a high speed in front of six strength magnets. These magnets can be adjusted, tailoring the bikes resistance level to your bespoke needs. Ciclotte has been designed to faithfully reproduce the dynamics and performance of on-road cycling and is the ideal tool for high intensity aerobic training. Ciclotte introduces luxury design into everyday life encapsulating a true expression of contemporary 21st century living. Designed by Milan’s leading designer Luca Schieppati and manufactured using only the most exceptional materials of carbon, steel and glass fibres, Ciclotte represents a complete innovation in the fitness and lifestyle sector.


The Ciclotte Tonino Lamborghini is available in red or black, distributed worldwide and can be completed with a kit of accessories suitable for an iPad or iPhone.

€10,490 excluding VAT and delivery

Available from Harrods or online


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