Game Golf

Game Golf

Digital tracking system


Over the last few years wearable tech in the form of sports watches, bracelets and clip-ons have moved on immensely and the tech and analytics are getting more advanced to help us monitor our  goals.

The way these wearable gadgets work are generally via a paired app on a mobile device. The information synced through the wearable tech then reads and analyses data based on your desired activity.


Now sports disciplines like Golf and Tennis have specialised gadgets that monitor your technique and assist and help you reach your full potential. A relatively new product on the market that improves your golf is Game Golf, it works by a simple tag on a small, wearable device that clips to a belt, golfers simply play their normal game whilst the gadget captures your round, your trends, your statistics and allows you to compare them to some of the best golfers around the world while analysing every stroke you take so you can share your rounds, compete with your friends and track your performance, so if you fancy yourself as a bit of a Nick Faldo or Graeme McDowell then give it a go!

Using a system of small tags on top of your clubs and a base unit attached to your belt, paired through a GPS system it gives you data on each shot that you take and a map of the course showing each hole and par achieved over the round. Using this data you can get any number of statistics which can then be used to improve your game.


Graeme-McDowell wearing Game Golf on his belt and the  tab in the top of the golf club


Used by PGA Tour professionals Lee Westwood and Graeme McDowell  and it was recently seen being used by U.S president Barrack Obama at Farm Neck Golf Club, on the island of Martha’s Vineyard, just off Cape Cod who has used Game Golf to lower his reported 17 handicap.


Graeme McDowell says:

The Game Golf platform is right at the cutting edge of data capture. It amazes me just how great the feedback is that you get out of it. I can share my rounds of golf all over the world via Twitter and Facebook and let’s be honest there’s nothing quite like that in golf today.

Lee Westwood says:

It’s a great way to capture the game you’ve just played. You can see through the data where you can improve your game and with golf being a game of such fine margins, just improving slightly in certain areas can mean saving one or two shots a round.


Whats inside the box:

  • Game Golf Device
  • Mini USB Cord
  • Game Golf Carry Pouch
  • 18 Tabs for Tracking
  • Instructions

Price: £159.95 Available from and

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