Introducing Celia

Introducing Celia

A Gluten Free Organic Lager


With its soft feminine name ‘CELIA’ it could be mistaken for perhaps a cider, but no, this hand crafted lager is ideal for even the most discerning lager drinker.

100% Organic, wheat and Gluten free CELIA is brewed with Saaz Hops and a natural carbonation process to create a non-bloating refreshing lager with a delicate bitterness, so will accompany a pairing with light fish dishes, roasted chicken and grilled meats.

Batched and brewed in the cellars of a 14th century castle to create a hand-crafted, premium Czech lager with a refreshing bitterness and a hint of citrus. Brewed using Moravian malt sourced from the Bohemian region, organic 100% Saaz Hops and sand-filtered water, locally sourced from the Zatec foothills, CELIA is brewed using a natural carbonation process, achieved with a 14-day open fermentation period. The Organic ingredients mean it won’t leave you with the bloated feeling often associated with drinking beer while still maintaining a delicious lightness and reviving fizz. Every batch of lager also benefits from a silicon filtration process, ensuring it is vegan and gluten free.


CELIA also does a dark beer too, perfect for Red Meats and Desserts, Made with premium ingredients, including toffee Bavarian malt, water sourced from the Zatec foothills and flavoured with bitter Saaz hops, CELIA Dark is densely black with an almost ruby red hue, with undertones of rye bread.  It has a slightly nutty, caramel flavour.

Both CELIA Organic Lagers are available from Ocado, Waitrose stores nationwide and selected Oddbins, Booths and Whole Foods Market. RRP £2.50.


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