Smart Polish Pro

Smart Polish Pro

Waterless Wash & Wax Formula


There’s  a new product on the market that proves that cleaning your car without water actually achieves a better shine without any smears or water marks. The revolutionary Smart Polish Pro has developed a waterless wash & wax formula.


Smart Polish and Pro has been developed chemically engineered from the ground up in Great Britain. Providing the ultimate fix for demanding urbanite drivers that are often hampered by the lack of a water supply close to where they park their cars.

With water taken out of the equation, it does away with the requirement for pressure washers, hosepipes, and buckets of soapy water, it’s all in one-bottle solution replaces burgeoning boxes of cleaning products to provide a deep-clean and naturally protective Carnauba wax finish in minutes.

According to the Car Wash Association, cleaning an automobile at home uses around 480 litres of water, putting immense pressure on local supplies. Nasty car cleaning chemicals can also seep into the water supply through street drainage.This makes the 19,000 unregulated hand car wash sites in the UK trouble spots for water chemical wastage.

Anothe good thing about this product is that the  Smart Polish Pro is also 100%  biodegradable, meaning it contains no irritants or paintwork-damaging chemicals – it does its work by cutting through dirt, grime, road film, tree sap, bird droppings and more to leave a professional and protected topcoat with a smear-free finish.


Just one 500ml bottle cleans up to 6 cars or 18 motorcycles, and is equally as effective on motorhomes and boats. Check out the hundreds of posts from happy car owners on the Smart


Waterless Wash & Wax Formula has an RRP of £15.99 for the 500ml and £24.99 for 1000ml and

includes 1x free professional grade Microfibre cloth. 

Check out the Polish Pro Instagram site for examples of real world results with Waterless Wash & Wax



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