Stone Island’s Polypropylene Denim
Stone Island’s Polypropylene Denim

Stone Island’s Polypropylene Denim

A new interpretation of a classic


Polypropylene is one of those most versatile polymers available with applications, both as a plastic and as a fibre. Its scientific formula is calculated at  130 °C melting point with a density at 946 kg/m³ and a formula of (C3H6)n. Polypropylene, is also a material with antibacterial properties, which constitutes to it being the lightest available fibre on earth, even very bulky garments made in this material astonish for their specific lightness.


Blouson in Polypropylene Denim. Inner nylon lining padded with a PrimaLoft® layer which provides the garment with exceptional insulating capacity. 

Stone Island, a market leader in fabric innovation and  technology have designed a range of denim cloth that weaves a polypropylene yarn into an indigo dyed cotton warp. The result is an impeccable denim tela with a drastically reduced weight: it has the look of a 19 ounces material but weighs only 10.

This outstanding treatment gives a new look to the jumpsuit, the outerwear pieces, the trousers and backpack have undergone the dark treatment, a manual sanding and light stonewash as well as an enzyme wash.

The Indigo knit is also used in weaving yarns, an innovative technique from the knitwear industry. For this project a yarn was especially created from indigo dyed polypropylene and cotton yarn with chain construction.


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