Ted’s Grooming Advice

Ted’s Grooming Advice

10 barbershop steps to turn heads


Why is it that when we leave the barbers, we can never really achieve the desired style the barber does for you? Well ahead of National Grooming day tomorrow, Ted’s master barber is offering a nugget of style advice for gents wanting to get some post-cut styling tips.

The art of barbering is a long-standing Turkish tradition, a skill that’s handed down from generation to generation and a master barber only passes on his title (and razor) to his apprentice after many years of training. Ted has adopted this tradition and has an army of skilled Turkish barbers in Ted’s grooming room, so if you want to experience a traditional hot towel shave and haircut, then Ted has 10 locations dotted all over London for you to try. Here Ted’s master barber offers some gelling advice so you can achieve a coiffured look everytime.

Five steps to gel your hair how a barber would

1. It’s vital to wash your hair before commencing a styling session. This is because for gel to be spread evenly and consistently throughout, your hair needs to be even too; bedhead syndrome means some parts of your hair will be higher than other, as well as clumped into inconsistent thickness.

2. After washing, blowdry your hair into the shape you desire, blasting your hair from the roots up and using your fingers achieve form.

3. Now, you’re finally ready to get gelling. Average hair length will require a pea-sized amount of hair gel, which you can adjust to suit your own volume and needs. Warm the product to a malleable texture (thus eliminating lumps) work through the shape you achieved earlier through blow-drying, so the style holds throughout the day.  It’s important you work the product backward and sideways, with the direction your parting grows in,

4. Form your hand into a claw shape (nails facing forward) and rake through the hair to work texture into the look; this works by your finger tips replicating the motion of a comb.

5. Pinch the tips of your hair in areas where you wish to accentuate definition

Five ways you’re gelling your hair incorrectly

1. Waxing or gelling unwashed hair is a no-no.  Your hair needs to be even throughout, to avoid clumping when attempting to style.

2. Not warming the product enough in your palms before styling. This stops the product from melding with your hair, resulting in lumps of visible product.

3. Work the product through your hair backwards, at an angle that goes with the direction your parting grows in. This will allow you to ensure even coverage, without losing shape.

4. Applying product to wet hair. While dampening the hair throughout can make styling slightly easier for those with extremely thick hair, applying product, particularly wax, to wet hair is a recipe for disaster. You won’t be able to identify what areas of hair have an even amount of product, and if you’re using wax, your hair will clump into unwanted clusters.

5. Not washing product our thoroughly enough. Rinse once with water, apply shampoo, then rinse again to keep your hair in tip-top shape and ready for another styling session



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